Bathroom design – it’s fairly easy to know what you want in your bathroom, but figuring out how to fit it in there without moving a wall or window, or if you have budget restraints, without moving the plumbing outlets – these are the problems that require creativity and some skills.

Small bath remodel by Rose Construction

Kohler has a neat little article that covers these issues; the title is Design & Create: Plan Bathroom, or Found Space, 8 Tips for Small Bathrooms. 

Discover bathroom products made for small spaces.

“In order to stand comfortably in your bathroom, do you need one foot in the tub?

“Over the past 30 years, the average size of bathrooms in new homes has almost doubled. However, in many older houses the main bathroom has remained at its original 5- by 8-foot size.”

Briefly, Kohler’s article has tips for:

  1. Upgrade to a more compact, efficient modern toilet.
  2. Use light, natural color tones for an open, airy feel.
  3. Choose a sliding shower door (I have a small bathroom – a sliding shower door would have no place to slide. I went with a shower curtain that I can open and make the room that much larger.)
  4. Select a bath tub with a lower floor and sides to give the illusion of more space.
  5. Choose a smaller faucet.
  6. Downsize the vanity – such as a pedestal or wall mounted sink, or a petite vanity.
  7. Use niche shelving and a mirrored medicine cabinet to remove bulky furniture.
  8. Install corner shelves to make use of available space.

Thats it. Go to Kohler, using the link, to read the info.