Nearly everyone wants more storage in their kitchen. Who wants to clutter up the countertop with items that should be in a drawer or cabinet?

Bellingham kitchen remodel, custom kitchen storage

Yet, if you cannot increase the size of your kitchen, how on earth can you get more storage?

Ha, ha! We can help you with that! Custom cabinets with special drawers and pull-outs really can make it possible to put away those items that have been taking up needed countertop space.

bellingham kitchen remodel, pull-out cutting board

Wall-mounted knife racks; tall, narrow pull-outs for that awkward space at the end of the cabinets, and specialty drawers add usable storage space, as opposed to stock cabinets that may or may not meet your needs.

Special kitchen pan drawers



How about being able to hide the garbage and recycle bins? Now that is an idea anyone can get behind. Here is an example from a kitchen remodel project we did in Bellingham:

kitchen remodel, hidden garbage and recycle bins