Small bathrooms are endemic with older homes; the farther back in time, it seems, the smaller the bathroom! If moving walls is not in your budget or just won’t work for your home, here are some ideas for remodeling that little bathroom to make it work for you.

For small bathrooms, cabinet size and style make a big difference and set the tone for the rest of the bathroom. You can go with a pedestal sink, which frees up lots of space, but doesn’t provide any storage; or even a place to put your toothbrush. You can have shelves or cabinets installed on the walls to compensate.

If you go with a cabinet, you can have one custom built to fit any size space, no matter how small, or buy one of the smaller dimensioned cabinets. Go with a light color, which won’t draw the eye to it as much, thus creating more visual space.

Your contractor can build niches in the shower walls for shampoo and shaving lotion. The medicine cabinet can be recessed in the wall which makes the room feel larger.

Have bathroom-rated lights installed over the shower; it will add depth to the room.

Select tile that is a horizontal design; it will make the shower seem bigger. Have the shower tiled all the way to the ceiling, creating a similar effect.

While you’re upgrading the bathroom, have heated floors installed and add some grab bars. Heated floors are awesome in the winter and grab bars double as towel holders.