Stays in spas have provided the inspiration for many homeowners to re-create that awesome spa experience right in their own bathrooms. Sometimes just coming home from a stressful day one craves that relaxing spa experience, but may not have the time to go to a spa.

Creating the spa experience at home can start with just replacing a shower head with a rain shower type. One shower head is the Raindance AIR series from Hansgrohe, which is an air injected shower that adds one part air to every two parts water. With this technology it feels like you’re standing in the rain, which is very relaxing!

But let’s assume you want more than that. Elegantly shaped, free-standing soaking tubs start the spa experience with a visual treat. Consider the Jason hydrotherapy tub, a free-standing tub with oxygen rich micro-bubbles  These clouds of oxygen penetrate deep into your pores for a more thorough cleansing, moisturising experience. They continuously warm your bath water  so you don’t have to add more hot water.

Heated floors add to the luxury feel of a master bath. There is nothing quite like walking into your personal spa with warm tile flooring massaging your feet; heated towels hanging on your towel warming rack with a gentle, suffused lighting system creating a relaxed atmosphere.

Aeon, UK, (www.aeon.uk.com) has created sculpted radiators for gentle, consistent heat in your home spa. They will provide an even, consistent heat and are graceful works of ark.

We can’t leave out the details; modern and contemporary style baths favor bushed nickel and satin for faucets and if you prefer the old world look, oil rubbed bronze is popular. Slate and natural stone floors have gained in popularity while granite and marble countertops are an ongoing popular choice. Darker, richer woods such as cherry and maple are selected more often this year for cabinets and armoires.

Vessel sinks are becoming the standard for vanities. The greatest push is toward the transformation of the bathroom to a home spa, and the bath is the central component of this design concept.

What is your dream home spa?

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