Kitchen cabinets installed by Rose Construction Inc

Kitchen cabinets come in a variety of materials – everything from inexpensive composite wood products to stainless steel, glass front, bamboo, and a variety of hardwoods.

This article will focus mostly on hardwoods, and much of the information is taken from the website  cabinetexpress. Check them out for more info!

Types of wood used for kitchen cabinets:

Maple contains grain patterns that are particularly attractive, increasing the value of this wood. When stained, the mineral grains that cause the patterns will appear darker and more distinct. Maple is one of the harder woods; the toughness and beauty of maple cabinets combine to create a great material for kitchen cabinets and is the most popular.

Cherry wood has inherently rich tones and colors, setting it apart from other types of wood. The grain pattern in cherry wood is very tight, allowing for smooth finishes and quality stains. Cherry wood cabinets is frequently chosen simply for its beauty.

Oak has the most distinct graining pattern. It can be stained and can appear striped or wavy, very fine or broad. It is an abundant wood and very durable. Because it so abundant, it is one of the least expensive of the hardwoods. Oak cabinets are able to withstand rough treatment and will resist dents and scratches better than other wood cabinets.

Hickory has a distinct grain pattern, with a flowing, sweeping pattern. Smooth and easy to stain, it is a solid, close-grained wood, with a unique pattern of grain.

Birch, like cherry, stains extremely well and is smooth to the touch. The grain patterns in birch wood have subtle waves and flows, providing a warm and cozy appearance in the kitchen.

 Thermofoil cabinets are made from PVC vinyl film. They come in a variety of colors, but white is the most common. They tend to be found in a more modern style kitchen, but can also fit nicely into a traditional setting.