TOTO Drake CST744S

TOTO Drake CST744S

With toilets, it’s not just the appearance that counts; nor even the gallons-per-flush rating. These things matter, of course, but there is much more to consider in the models of toilets available today.  Toilets are estimated to use about 30 percent of the water used in homes, according to the EPA, replacing a high-capacity toilet with a more efficient one can save money on your water bill.

The traditional type that has been around a long time, is the gravity flush. These are generally quiet and are easy to repair. Prices range from $100 to $500.

The TOTO Drake toilet pictured above was rated the best standard toilet. Price  (in 2010) was $255. It is a two-piece gravity toilet.

Pressure-assist toilets have become common; they use air under pressure to blast water into to the bowl during flushing, forcing the contents through the waste pipes. This creates a loud whoosh noise that can be startling. They are more expensive to repair; prices for new toilets run $225 to $500.

Vacuum assist toilets the tank contains a vacuum chamber that pulls air out of the trap below the bowl so that it can quickly fill with water to clear out the waste. These toilets are quiet; there are fewer models made and so fewer choices in style and color. Prices range from $200 to $350.

Power assist toilets require power (standard ground fault circuit interrupter) and use electricity to power a pump that pushes water into the toilet bowl. These are quiet, however prices typically are over $1,000 due to the complexity of the toilets.

 In selecting a toilet, evaluate flush performance. This is effected by flush valve size and outlet size. Flush effectiveness is especially important in water-efficient models; if you have to flush twice to clear the bowl, you aren’t saving any water.

One-piece vs. two-piece. The one-piece toilets cannot leak between the tank and bowl and are easier to clean.

Check your water pressure befor purchasing a toilet pressure assist toilet that requires 25 psi to function properly. If your home has low water pressure, use a gravity toilet.

The seat. Two piece toilets don’t come with a seat.

Complete packages have everything for installation. They include a seat, wax ring and hardware.

Color. If you are looking for a special color, you will probably pay more.

The source of this article is from Consumer Search.