After photo - Multi-level new deck with custom built-in seating, BellinghamThere are decks, and then there are decks. What makes a plain deck into something special? Here are some ideas to make your deck unique:

Railings: These can be glass panels for ultimate viewing; cable railings are almost invisible as well, allowing you to have an unobstructed view of your surroundings. Then there are wire panel railings that are slightly more visible, but can provide an architectural focus of their own, with the right trims.

Built-in features: A built-in bench can provide year-round seating and if you have it positioned just right, it can serve the same purpose of delineating areas of the deck, that a couch can in the living room.

Covering your deck: A roof with skylights make a wonderful and practical addition to any deck. Roofing greatly increases the number of days you can comfortably use your deck, and you never have to worry about a summer shower interrupting a gathering.

outdoor kitchen, deckOutdoor kitchen: Your deck can be transformed into an extension of your kitchen & dining room with the addition of an outdoor kitchen. These are customizable to any extent that you desire, and are built to handle the freezing winter, hot summers and rain! You cannot just take indoor fixtures and install them outdoors, they are specially made for this purpose.

Outdoor lighting: This will extend the times you can enjoy your deck well into the night!