What is more annoying than searching for a pan you can’t find, or the baking powder you need to make those special biscuits you had planned dinner around?

What you need is the right storage for the way you use your kitchen. Here are some ideas:

Make the walls do their share of the work! Add shelving on any walls that do not have cabinets.

bellingham kitchen shelves

The toe kick space under kitchen cabinets can be utilized for flat drawers to hold items such as muffin tins and cookie sheets.

Here is a unique idea seen on a website: Where there is a corner end cabinet, put a door on two sides for easier access to the contents.

Sliding cabinets that pull out instead of standard shelving with a door, make access to the contents in the back a breeze.

pull out drawers behind cabinet doors

Of course, the ultimate solution is to have your kitchen remodeled; new cabinets can be designed to fit your pans, cookie sheets, glassware and dinnerware, as well as those spices and cooking ingredients. Rose Construction has worked with homeowners in the Bellingham area to create their dream kitchens since 1989.