Use all of the space! Have your contractor build cabinets that go right up to the ceiling. Don’t lose potential storage space by having empty soffits above the cabinets.

If you can, have a wall removed to increase the size of the kitchen and decrease the size of the dining room. This not only provides more space, but also brightens up the kitchen, and makes it a much more social space.

Any doorway into the kitchen should be at least 32 inches wide, and wider is better. In fact, removing a door and opening up the space as a pass-through is much more convenient for everyone.

Adding undercounter lighting and task lighting makes the kitchen a safer workspace, and makes it a brighter.

Include a countertop seating area between the dining room and the kitchen.

Custom built cabinets can be built to store the hard-to-store items like large dimensioned cookie tins, muffin tins, and those pesky pots and pans. Every kitchen is unique in it’s dimensions; custom cabinets allow you to utilize every square inch of space.

custom kitchen cabinets

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