Do you find yourself coming up with reasons to spend more time away from home, and you don’t know why?  You may be suffering from boring house syndrome.

What you need is some serious upgrading to your home. Here are some ideas to make you run home from work every day and not want to leave:

Replace your front door with a solid wood or steel door in your favorite color. Have your front porch pressure washed and painted, and a potted plant or two right next to the door.

Painted front door

Paint the walls light colors, with an accent wall in a darker color, which has the effect of drawing the visitor (or yourself) into the room.

Open up the space, by having a wall removed that may be creating small dark rooms. There’s nothing like the open, friendly feel one gets from a home interior that allows family members and visitors to communicate freely.

If your kitchen or bath cabinets are chipped and worn, have them refinished or replaced. Replacing them will allow you to select pieces that fit the way you use your kitchen, instead of the basic contractor cabinets many homes come equipped with initially.

You should have a home you love, not one you just happen to live in. Call us, we can help you with updating your home.