Some of us are having our grown children move back in and some of them are coming back with spouses and children! 

Some of us are still growing our own families and are rapidly running out of space to put everyone.

When I was growing up we had a family up the street with 6 kids and in a two bedroom house with one bathroom.  Needless to say, those kids spent as much time elsewhere as they could.

Home additions are a great solution, and add value when you are ready to sell.  California Construction Center has a nice article on adding to your home.  What you should and should not do, and always reminding to keep within your budget.

They recommend increasing the size of your kitchen, adding a bathroom and a bedroom, family room and screened porch. I would assume they do not really mean that one should add all of the above, as that would imply a very large budget!  They are all options however, that one can pick and choose from, depending on what is most important to your family. 

Home addition in progress, Rose Construction Inc job

Home addition in progress

The two photos here show one of our additions.  The interior included an expanded kitchen and dining area as well as a family room.

Addition completed

Addition completed