Who enjoys doing the weekly laundry chores? It can be made more pleasant and efficient with a remodeled laundry room.

Well-located countertops, some shelves, cabinets and a laundry sink will make that job much easier! A countertop located next to the washer and dryer for sorting and folding reduces steps and eliminates the need to carry armfulls of clothing to another location.

Detergent, stain sticks, and other clothing care items can be stored in closed cabinets, cubbies or open shelving that is right next to the machines.

Do you iron in the laundry room? Drop-down ironing boards can be built into a wall cabinet.

Dress up your laundry room with cheery colors and patterns. Select durable finishes; linoleum tiles for flooring, or cork or vinyl are all good selections for a laundry room. Easy to clean semi-gloss paint works well for the walls; pick something bright and cheery.

Hard-working and beautiful countertop materials for this room are Corian, engineered stone, or laminates.

Select good lighting such as a low-profile ceiling mount fixture for general light and undercabinet LED task lighting or focused overhead spots.