It’s really about storage – convenient storage, close to where you prepare the food. If you have lots of square footage, then it’s about using that space to best suit your style. If you have a small kitchen more ingenuity is required to utilize every square inch of space to the best advantage.

You don’t want to sacrifice style for storage capacity, however! Homeowners want a great looking kitchen they can be proud of, with as much storage as a clever designer/builder can tuck in. This means making use of corner cabinets with well-designed pull-outs and wall space as well.

Magnetic knife racks can be attached to walls; wall cabinets can be run all the way to the ceiling, instead of leaving the more typical gap. Store items you don’t use everyday in the top shelves.

Appropriate space from a closet next to the kitchen for use as a pantry. It’s amazing how much can be stored in a full height pantry, even if only a few feet wide. Here are a few photos from some of our Bellingham clients:

Bellingham kitchen remodel with lazy susan and large drawerspull out drawers behind cabinet doors

Bellingham kitchen remodel, custom kitchen storage