open kitchen, custom cabinets

Have the new cabinets built right up to the ceiling. If you have a high ceiling, put items you don’t use very often on the top shelves. Have some of the cabinet doors built with glass fronts; it will make a small kitchen feel larger, and you can easily find things stored behind glass!

After photo - Kitchen remodel featuring Hi-Macs countertops, Marmoleum flooring and DeWils cabinets, Bellingham

Have some cabinets built with storage of small appliances in mind. Who wants to look at their blender (no matter how awesome that blender is) every day of the year?

Kitchen islands are excellent for family gatherings in the kitchen, as well as a nice breakfast spot, close to the coffee maker and the toaster.

Whatcom county kitchen remodel, island

Don’t stress if you kitchen is small and there isn’t money in the budget to increase it’s size. A well designed kitchen with high quality materials and well thought out details can make even the smallest space suit you perfectly.