Kitchens are notoriously plagued by countertops covered with appliances. It seems impossible to get all that “stuff” stored away so that the counter is freed up for food prep! Not to mention, the kitchen just looks better with a cleared countertop.

Rather than despairing that this is an impossible situation, here are a few ideas you can utilize when you have that kitchen remodeled!

Have the upper cabinets built all the way to the ceiling – store items you don’t use often in the upper shelves.

Build dividers in a lower cabinet for storing cookie sheets and other uniquely sized items. They will be easy to find, and storing them this way frees up space for other items in the cabinets.

In order to avoid kitchen items from getting lost in the back of shelves (a reason why many people keep them on countertops), rollout trays are excellent solutions for your shelves, making it easier to find canned goods, pot and pans and gadgets.

When remodeling an older home you don’t know what the possibilities are until the space is investigated.┬áRemoving a wall, recovering space from an old, unused chimney, and converting a closet that is next to the kitchen; these are all options to increase storage space in the kitchen and get items off the counters!

Possibilities will vary depending on the individual home, it’s structure, and the homeowners needs.

Shaker style cherry cabinets, granite countertops, tile flooring