Since the perfect bathroom is a subjective concept – the perfect bathroom must start with what it means to you. The best thing about the bathroom is the shower. Bathing and the feeling of comfort and cleanliness make us feel as good as a crackling fireplace or a delicous meal.

There is an article in the “Independent”, a UK newspaper, that stole my article title; “How to Create the Perfect Bathroom.”  They go into the history of perfect bathrooms – ancient Greek, Roman, Japanese and the Turks (Turks?).

Ancient Roman Public Bath
Ancient Roman Bath

So you probably don’t have room for an olympic sized Roman Bath, but there are elements that can be incorporated in the modern home that echo the beauty and luxuriousness of ancient Rome.

Modernistic Roman LuxuryModernistic Roman Luxury


Another interpretation of a Roman Bathing

Another interpretation of a Roman Bathing

Modern interpretation of ancient Roman bath

Modern Roman bath

So what do you want in your perfect bathroom?