If you find yourself one of the army of workers who now work from home, you may find the previously rarely-used-home-office could use an upgrade. Having a wall and door installed in the basement, for instance, will provide privacy and a quieter workspace, especially if you have children.

A change of pace with fresh paint on the walls will do wonders for your mood; they say that colors have a significant effect on how we feel, and everyone feels better with fresh, clean walls.

Take some time and think about what about your home bothers you, and what would turn it into your dream home. After all, very few of us actually hired an architect and designed our homes; we bought an existing home and it was designed by someone who probably had different ideas than you about what would make a great home.

We love turning clients homes into their dream home; let us know how we can help you! We have over 30 years of experience in the Bellingham/ Whatcom county area and have many happy repeat clients.