Did you know that the young and the elderly person can recieve burns from shower fixtures and tub water temperatures that are too high?

In the U.S., tap water burns cause an estimated 1,500 hospital admissions and 100 deaths per year. According to research, human exposure to hot water at 140 deg. F can cause a serious burn within 3 seconds, and at 120 deg. F a serious burn can occur in about 10 minutes. Young children and older adults have thinner skin which burns more quickly, putting them at greater risk.

Delta Faucets has a collection of temperature indicator handshower heads, showerheads and tub showers with an LED color temperature indicator, providing a level of safety not available in standard plumbing fixtures.

When your contractor is upgrading your bathroom, have them install some of these safety features along with those stylish grab bars and that awesome new tile and glass shower surround, you’ll be glad you did.

Bath remodel with 2 tiled shower walls, one clear glass and frameless glass door.