This is a question we are asked at some point with every remodel project. Clients of course, want a specific dollar amount but with all the variables before a project has even begun that is a complex question. 

An article that discusses the complexity of estimating the cost for a home remodel is in

Some of the variables are:

  • After the project has started, owner upgrades quality of fixtures.
  • Unknowns such as rot found in the walls and floor when a bath tub is removed.
  • Scheduling and clean-up.
  • Cost/ availability of special or customized materials.
  • Safety and environmental issues.
  • Design complexities.

The article recommends going online to get an idea of what it would cost to do the remodel you envision. However, when you get to asking for bids, do not expect all contractors to give you the same price.

Quality is a big issue. Would you want to fly in an airplane built by the lowest bidder? If you want quality and safety, you are not as concerned with getting the lowest price you can find for that airplane.

Similarly, skilled, reliable home remodeling workers who will do the job right are more important than getting the lowest bid out there. In addition, quality materials cost more than low-end items that will not last as long or look as nice as you thought they would. Another consideration is that the lowest bid may have a lot of add-ons or change orders.

So, realize that putting a price up front for that remodel is not as easy as “so much per square foot”, and include the cost vs. quality in your equation!