bellingham kitchen, garbage & recycle bins

If you know your home needs a makeover, but hesitate to get started because it would just be too much, think about just bringing a room at a time up to current standards.

Kitchen sinks and countertops do not age well, so this is one area that can be upgraded; if you don’t like your cabinets, it would make more sense just to replace the sink and faucet for now. Refinishing good quality cabinets and replacing knobs and pulls are always a less expensive option than new cabinets.

Upgrading bathrooms will make a huge difference in how you enjoy your home. Age and moisture really take a toll on these spaces. It has become popular to replace a tub with a tiled shower. Showers get used far more often than tubs and unless you have small children, showers are the way to go for most people.

That said, maybe there are two kinds of people; those who prefer showers and those who love a soaking tub. So be sure to know yourself and your spouse before having that tub removed!

Upgrading lighting fixtures throughout the house will make the home more cozy and pleasant. Include mood lighting and spot lighting for work areas. Different levels of light for various times of the day are important.


Bellingham frameless glass shower walls