In the fairytale “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”, the little girl was testing the bears bowls of porridge, to find just the right one! A bowl of porridge is much easier to try out than a house, but here we go:

Usually a homeowner ends up with a house that is too big after the kids have grown up and moved out on their own. At that point, one can stay in the house or downsize, depending on what works for the individual.

Not many small houses are being built these days, but if you might still find yourself in a house that is too small, in which case an addition might be in order.  One can build up or build out, and since most city lots are not all that large, building up is a popular option. One can fit a nice sized master bedroom plus a roomy bath over the footprint of a two car garage.

We have many requests for this type of addition, and homeowners are always pleased with the additional room.

Whether you need more square footage for an elderly parent moving in, or for a growing family, or even for a home office, adding on to your home can be a great benefit to the family.