Bathroom with Water Closet RemodelThere is nothing quite like walking into a fresh, clean bathroom with a pleasing layout and color scheme. A master bath can be a place of rejuvenation as well as cleansing.

Large walk-in showers with multiple options for showering are popular; multiple shower heads such as spa showers provide, and rain shower heads are just 2 of the great options for a relaxing/or invigorating shower, depending on your needs at the moment! Steam showers are another popular option, especially in cold weather.

Studies show that homeowners are spending between $5,600 and $13,000 on bathroom remodeling. Some will spend more, depending of course on their budget availability. Very low interest rates are encouraging mortgage refinancing, allowing many to splurge on a long desired remodel project.

Don’t put it off too long. The sooner you have the master bath of your dreams built, the longer you can enjoy it!Bathroom Remodel Whatcom County