Not all remodeling jobs are glamorous, but all of them are important! Here are some that may not be on your list, but should be included when you plan that next remodel:

  1. Provide a pull-out in the kitchen for recycle and garbage bins. This will keep them out of sight, yet right where you need them.
  2. Have your laundry room updated with nice flooring, fresh paint, cabinets to store cleaning supplies, countertop for folding, and maybe a rod for hanging things. And what about a little TV in there? Laundry folding is not really exciting stuff.
  3. Hall entries can always use some thought; depending on the amount of room in your entry, there should be a coat closet, a place to hang a hat, take off shoes, and maybe a bench to make that easier.
  4. Be sure you have enough smoke and CO detectors, locate at bedrooms, gas water heaters.
  5. Good quality exhaust fans in the bathroom and the kitchen will keep your home smelling fresh.
  6. Have a grab bar or two installed in your bathroom, if they are not there already. Bathrooms are notorious for injuries. No doubt due to wet floors and hard surfaces if one does fall.

So there are a few things to think about, when planning your next project. We can help you with ideas and the work itself, of course!