1. Remodel the kitchen; who doesn’t want to do it? Updating your kitchen is worthwhile for many reasons; it increases the home value, makes spending time in your home more enjoyable, and inviting friends is over way more fun! The primary elements of a kitchen are the cabinets, countertops, flooring and appliances. Evaluate your kitchen and determine what you are happy with, and what needs re-doing or replacing.Kitchen remodel, T & G Pearwood flooring, granite countertops
  2. Homes need repainting from time to time; select a new colors to change the feeling of the rooms.
  3. If your home only has one bathroom, you definitely should have a bath or 1/2 bath added. If the house is too small, a small addition can be built; or we have had clients request a new bath in a basement or attic. It’s a great idea to have a bathroom in an upstairs if there is a bedroom there. It’s a hassle to have to run downstairs in the middle of the night when nature calls!small bath remodel bellingham
  4. Sometimes the need for more space overcomes the need to house the family auto in an enclosed garage. Have a carport built for the vehicle, and have the garage upgraded to a conditioned space – a bedroom with bath or family room.Composite deck with platform for hot tub
  5. Have the basement remodeled – similar to remodeling the garage; add a bedroom and a bath or turn it into a man-cave. Or woman-cave.
  6. Don’t forget the outdoors. Add a deck or have the existing deck rebuilt. Add a partial roof to make the deck usable for more weather conditions.