This is all over the internet – home remodeling trends this year.  Here is a list for you to start on your own research. Do these match your own goals for updating your home?

  • Remodeling for accessibility
  • Updating the master bedroom suite
  • Creating a mudroom and/or updating one.
  • Using eco-friendly materials
  • Finishing the basement

It’s no secret that the population is aging, and most prefer to stay in their own homes as long as possible. Manufacturers are aware of this, and have been busy designing all sorts of home products to help make this possible, without any loss of style.Grab bars in the shower

A good contractor, educated in the aging-in-place design solutions can advise a homeowner on what can be done to a home to make it more accessible.

The master bedroom can only be made more luxurious by walk-in closets, gas fireplace and other amenities!

Many homes were built without a “mudroom”.  If yours is one of these, a small addition can be built, with nice storage for muddy shoes, wet coats, and other items that might otherwise find their way to a trail that goes from the door to the kitchen.

More people are becoming aware of the deleterious health effects off-gassing materials, as well as the effect on the environment of both the manufacture and eventual disposal of some materials used in home building & remodeling. Eco-friendly materials are becoming more popular all the time.

Make that basement work for you! You are paying taxes on the square footage of your home. Why should the basement sit there, only as a repository of unused items? Fix it up, make a cool den, crafts room, or guest suite.Bellingham basement remodel, after photo

So there you are – informed homeowners are improving their homes all the time, to make them more accommodating and beautiful!