A humerous article I found recently at http://homrerenovations.about.com listed the error of hanging a towel rack using construction glue, instead of drywall mounts.  I can imagine when someone tried to pull a wet towel over that towel bar and it came crashing down on their still wet bare feet.  I sometimes put a lot of force on a towel rack, trying to pull a heavy wet towel through between the wall and the towel bar.

Maybe it would be good to hire a competent contractor to do home repair and remodeling projects around the house if that is the sort of workmanship one has time for!  No offense to the dedicated do-it-yourselfer!

Here is a link to a nice design website with some great ideas for efficient and eye-catching kitchen layouts: http://www.kitchenbathdesign.com/print/Kitchen-and-Bath-Design-News/Less-is-More–Design-Insights-for-Smaller-Kitchens-/2$5584

It is important to PLAN your new kitchen layout.  Many hours spent going over the plan, the costs and how it will fit with your tastes and lifestyle will pay off in the long run.  Do you prefer simplicity?  Or do you prefer many bright colors, details and patterns? 

The Kitchen & Bath Design website has lots of great ideas and explanations that help in thinking through ones choices before you spend the dough.

Happy remodeling!