Here’s a good quote for that: “Trying to be happy by accumulating possessions is like trying to satisfy hunger by taping sandwiches all over your body.”

The Happiness Initiative has a new handbook with simple things you can do to increase your happiness and the happiness of others. The handbook is modeled on the Gross National Happiness Index and covers the 10 areas that researchers show actually make us happy.

Sleep: Pick colors for your bedroom that are conducive to sleep. Studies show that calming colors work best in bedrooms, such as blue and dark green. Remove the TV from the bedroom. Don’t bring your computer, phone or tablet to bed.

De-clutter your home. Especially the bedroom. Have organized storage shelving built into your garage or basement. You will know if you have a spare baseball glove or extra light bulbs. No need to run to the store.

Spend more time at home; work less. Remodeling your home in just the way you want, can create the desire to spend more time at home. Cook healthy meals in that new kitchen, where you have designed the cupboards to be organized for quick location of spices, pots, pans; everything.

Knowing that your bathroom fixtures do not leak, the roof is sound, and your home is freshly painted inside and out, will give you peace of mind.

Relax on that new deck and then go to bed in your updated, blue painted bedroom.

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