Bellingham kitchen remodel

What are the most heavily used rooms in your home? The bathroom and the kitchen, you say? Yes, of course! So it should come as no surprise that these are also the most frequently remodeled rooms in a home.

Reasons for updating kitchens and baths run from outdated appliances and fixtures to worn-out surfaces and leaking plumbing making it imperative to have something done. Why not take the opportunity to just dig in and make that space more user-friendly and stylish?

Kitchens, just a few thoughts to consider:

When having a kitchen made-over, it is wise to hire a local contractor who has great references, insurance and lots of experience. A good contractor can advise you on the best materials for the job as well as trade-offs you can make that will keep you within your budget and still result in a quality job.

Do research on what you think you would like your kitchen to be, and be sure to get prices on materials as you go along. Be aware that the cost of installing the material will add to the total cost. An experienced contractor can help with guiding you through what materials can be installed quickly and which ones require lots of prep work to get to the final product.

Bathrooms, a few thoughts to keep in mind:

See paragraph one, under “Kitchens”; that said, bathrooms tend to be quite a bit smaller than kitchens, and have no appliances. However, they need plenty of water-resistant surfaces and everything should be well sealed, to prevent any water getting to where it could cause rot.

Good ventilation is a must, so even if you have an operable window you should have a good quality exhaust fan. One of the quiet running ones would be a good investment, for not much additional cost.

Having water-saving plumbing fixtures installed will pay off in the long run, and have a few designer grab bars installed for the comfort and safety of guests, as well as yourself. No matter how fit you are, wet flooring is slippery and grab bars provide an increased level of security.

If you have the budget for it, have heated floors installed when having the floor re-tiled; there is nothing like a warm floor for your feet on cold winter mornings.

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