We probably all know what most homeowners desires are for this year – a private office in the home, and a bigger kitchen!

To achieve this, additions can be built, or underused space can be carved out of the home. Oftentimes, one can sacrifice the garage to gain an office. This requires turning an unheated space into an insulated, heated, and properly vented room. Many garages do not have windows, so installing one or two windows will make the office more pleasant.new basement window, bathroom

Kitchens can be expanded by removing an interior wall, and perhaps creating a half-wall with counterspace for eating. Or an addition can be built out into the yard. Of course the most expensive is to build over the garage, which allows you to keep the garage for the car (or storage) and still have that private office.

We enjoy turning people’s ho-hum homes into their dream home! What changes would you like to make to your home?