Many of us want a home office, if not for work, then for paying bills, reviewing articles and books we find interesting; even checking out cookbooks! Reading through recipes isn’t necessarily something you want to do in the kitchen.

So, how to create a pleasant, efficient office in the home? Depending on how you intend to use your office, size and light are the most important elements to consider. If you will be spending 8 hours a day working at home, you want the quietest, well lit, roomy space you can get.

Think about your workflow and what items you need at your fingertips before purchasing furniture, and then look for pieces that are both beautiful and functional.

Paint the walls a color you love; this is your office, not a soul-less corporate beehive, so you can do what you like!

Have cabinets and/or shelves built to suit your needs. home office

More people are working from home, and if only for a couple of days a week, you want that space to be set aside for that purpose, and ready for you to go to work efficiently, whenever you need it!