How in the world does a house shrink? Hmm . . . well, it may seem that way, if your family has grown, or if you have taken up some sports that require large gear items, such as kayaking, backpacking, skiing, or biking.

attic bath addedSome of the space issues can be solved by having well-designed storage systems built into your garage or extra room. It’s so nice to be able to walk into a room and be able to quickly put your hands on the items you’re looking for!

But more family kind of means you really need another room, and maybe another bathroom as well. If that sounds like you, additions can be built in several ways. Turning a garage (which is considered by the permitting department as “unconditioned space”) into that needed bedroom (“conditioned space”) is one option.

Another way to add space is going up; typically homeowners opt to have a partial second floor built over the garage, and a staircase installed inside the garage. One of our clients had a bedroom and small bath built above their garage, solving the problem of too few bedrooms and not enough baths in one stroke!Addition in progress

Whatever your spatial or storage needs, we can help you with ideas and construction.