What can you do if you have lived in your home for years, like where you are, but are just not satisfied with your home? Sit down and make a list of what you find annoying about the home; it could be a cramped, dark or poorly laid out kitchen; it could be that the home only has one bathroom, or not enough storage.

All of these problems can be fixed with some well-planned remodeling.

Kitchens are arguably the most important room in the home, and one that just doesn’t work for you anymore should have it’s problems addressed. Relatively moderate improvements can create a whole new look for a kitchen.

Any home really should have more than one bathroom. It does not need to be a full bath; even a small half bath is worth it’s weight in gold when it is needed! Room can always be found for a half bath; under stairs, re-purposing a closet, or even taking space away from another room. Your family and guests will thank you!

Light can be added to any room to make it a more cheerful space. Sun tunnels add natural light without make a big opening in the roof; undercounter lights add a nice touch; having additional ceiling lights installed can do wonders to brighten a room.

Add a deck to the house, or have an existing deck improved. There is a lot that can be done with a deck besides just adding outdoor flooring! An outdoor kitchen can make summers great for entertaining. Built-in benches are a convenience and make gatherings more convivial. How about an outdoor fireplace? There’s nothing like sitting around a fire and visiting with friends and family.

outdoor kitchen and fireplace