Many homes would perform better as living spaces if they had a carefully designed addition. Homes can have an awkward flow due to poorly thought out original design or previous additions that just don’t work anymore.

Adding a partial second floor or expanding out with a one or two story addition will allow your rooms to be modified for better functionality. Perhaps a second bathroom is needed, or the main entrance to the house is through the kitchen! Not a good layout; an addition can allow you change that.

Think about your home, the lot it sits on, how you enter the house, and what would make it work better. Rose Constructon had an interesting Whatcom County situation, where the home consisted of two small houses; one contained the main living area, the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, and the other, just a bedroom. We built an addition that connected the two structures, and added a bathroom. The smaller structure was a couple feet lower and required a few steps to be built in the new connecting hallway. addition built to join two small cottages

bath remodel, blue walls, tile, window