One too many kids for the number of bedrooms? Don’t want to turn your home office into a guest room? Then it’s definitely time to start thinking about an addition.

The two basic ways to add on to your home is to go out or go up. We have had clients who did both – a two story addition added onto the end of the house.

There are a couple of other ideas for adding space to your house without actually adding on. Upgrading the garage from an unheated (non-occupied) space to a conditioned space; or if you have a barely-used basement, turning that into a bedroom with bath is a way to get the room you need without expanding the exterior of the house.bellingham basement remodel with bathroom and bedroom

Some attics can be turned into living space, but that depends on the height of the attic interior and the trusses. Attics are not typically built to support the weight of furniture and any number of people.basment remodel, guest room

What would work for you depends on your house, the size of your property, and the budget. If you are ready to seriously consider an addition, give us a call, we can help with determingin your options and ultimately, build it!

Just think how great it will be; everyone has their own room, and you can go into your very own room, shut the door, and it’s so peaceful . . .