Time for an addition! So many of us are working from home, home-schooling, and just spending a considerable amount of time at home. What would make your home a happier place?

Since the movie theaters haven’t been open, a bigger TV, with a special room for movie-viewing would be awesome. Or how about that game room you’ve always wanted built in the hardly-ever-used basement? Adding a bathroom to the basement will make the space more user-friendly as well. No need to make a mad dash for the upstairs facilities!

If your home could use some serious additional square feet, a build-out is one solution; adding a partial second floor over the garage is a popular option when you don’t want to reduce the size of the backyard. We can advise you with options that would work for you; we have over 30 years experience in the Whatcom county area with home additions as well as remodels of kitchens, baths, and whole-house remodels.