We have been blessed (or not, if you have a hard time with too much heat!) with plenty of long, sunny days this summer, but the “handwriting is on the wall”; the days are getting shorter. Does your home have the right type of lighting to make you happy during the long Fall and Winter nights?Kitchen wall tile, range hood

Kitchens should have dimmers on the light fixtures, and along with under cabinet lights, this allows you to select just the right level of light for any task at any time of the day or night. Add task lighting for critical work areas and you will have maximum light adjustability!

Bathrooms can have dimmers on their lights as well, and its great to have a low-wattage light for those late night trips to the bathroom. For men, lights located in just the right spot will make shaving less error-prone, and for women, make-up application can be accomplished without straining your neck to get just the right light without shadows.

A water-rated light fixture over the shower is a nice addition as well, as the shower area can be too dark in some bathrooms!

We are here to help you achieve the remodeled home of your dreams, and there’s nothing like a well-thought-out bathroom remodel to make your days more pleasant.