Covid has dramatically intensified our daily cleaning routines, and when we clean, we often use chemicals that will kill the virus on surfaces, and these can impact air quality due to the volatility of the chemicals.

Range hoods are the most effective solution for airborne removal in kitchen, but not all homeowners use the range hoods to remove indoor air on a regular basis. Today, it’s not only cooking vapors that need removal, but the chemicals used for cleaning, as well as any other contaminants in the air. Compact bellingham kitchen remodel

We all need to consider introducing fresh air and proper airflow via ventilation into the place we breathe most!

When you want to update your kitchen, consider the range hood as an important element in the quality of indoor air in your home. It can be sized for the cubic feet of your kitchen and any open spaces that communicate directly with the kitchen. Silent range hoods are a definite plus when you plan to run the hood both for cooking vapors and cleaning vapors.

Here are a few we have installed during the homeowner’s kitchen remodel. Appearances are important as well!kitchen range hood