Whether its a small bump-out addition with a remodel, or a full blown addition project, house additions are investments. If you do not plan on moving from the home, you have more incentive to make it yours. The value you receive from a new room or a second story can be enjoyed for many years to come.

To start with, finishing a basement and adding a bathroom in that basement are great improvements to a home. While not an addition in the truest sense, they do turn a previously unused space into livable, usable rooms. It’s a bonus if the basement has one wall that is above ground, so doors and windows can make the area more enjoyable.

The next most common addition is building up, oftentimes over the garage, and incorporating the garage as a living space as well. After all, stairs have to be built to access that new second floor. Second floor built over garage

The third addition type to consider is building out into the yard. The only limits to this method, is zoning laws as to clearances required to the property line. This addition keeps your house all on one level, no stairs to navigate. We get requests for all types of additions, and have built them for our Whatcom County area clients.