small, cute, airy kitchen

What would make you love your kitchen? You probably spend a good deal of time in there, so you should enjoy it! Unless you’re really attached to your microwave.

But, even if that might be the case, you need to go into that room to wash dishes, pop things in the micro, etc. So, push up your sleeves, and start thinking about why you might be having kitchen “issues”.

Maybe the walls could use some bright color – think how nice it would look to paint one wall a bright color. Or a soothing color. Whichever works for you. Keep clutter to a minimum; put things away. If there isn’t room to get everything off the counter, maybe it is time to give away a few of those small appliances. ¬†Or have custom cabinets built; I’m just sayin’.

We all like pleasant smells; think about simmering a few cinnamon sticks in a pot of water on your stove for a pleasant aroma. Or if you’re like me and won’t remember to turn the burner off, try incense or some of those scent-stick things. They smell great. Nothing to catch on fire.

OK, that’s the superficial stuff. Maybe you really need to call your favorite contractor and have some serious remodeling done. Seriously, does your sink faucet spray out sideways when you turn it on? That’s not good. Is the sink chipped, and beyond your ability to get it properly clean anymore?

Time to get your favorite contractor involved.

open kitchen plan