What would be totally awesome is that the wild statements on some internet and TV shows were true; a complete kitchen or bathroom overhaul in 2 days!

However, that simply cannot be done, not in the real world – and you wouldn’t want it done that fast anyway. You want a well thought out, workmanlike, space that functions as beautifully as it looks.

Be sure to select a contractor who has plenty of experience doing the kind of work you want done. Check licenses, insurance, and references, to ensure the best remodeling experience.

So how does a remodel project happen? Take a bathroom renovation, for instance. Bathrooms are the most popular room to remodel.  Any existing home can have problems that have not been discovered, such as a leaking pipe, an aging electrical system that has become unsafe and is no longer to current codes.

When you open walls and remove showers you cannot be certain what will be behind the surface! It is wise to keep a contingency budget for potential issues that might be found.

Ideally, your home will have more than one bathroom, so that one is always available for use. A well planned project, with few changes will ensure the quickest completion time for any home remodel job.