After photo - Outdoor kitchen addition, featuring stainless steel appliances, stamped concrete decking, Bellingham

Outdoor kitchens can be added to any deck; they can be as small as a barbecue and a counter or as elaborate as a full outdoor kitchen complete with refrigerator, sink, oven, and seating area.

Outdoor appliances must be purchased for outdoor installation. They are sturdier and freeze-protected. Piping for water, waste and gas will enhance the efficiency and pleasure of your outdoor kitchen.

outdoor kitchen and fireplace

A roof will greatly extend the number of days you can use the outdoor kitchen. Hot sun or rain, you are ready! With the addition of propane fueled patio heaters, you can even enjoy the outdoors in the winter.

Whatcom County deck with built-in curved bench


Rose Construction can help you with realizing the deck of your dreams; check out our photo gallery for past projects in Whatcom County.