Have you kept up with the latest shower head technology? Shower heads have evolved way past the traditional spray head attached to the wall. Kohler has a new, advanced rain shower head that actually delivers the feel of rain.rainshower

The Real Rain shower nozzle mimics rainfall by adjusting the size of water drops, as well as the rate at which they fall. The intensity of the spray grows throughout the shower, and the user can choose to enable the “deluge” feature, which releases water gathered in the shower’s reservoir. Real Rain uses a minimalist, ceiling mounted 19 by 19 inch square panel and has a flow rate of 2 gpm.

Sound like something you’d love to have in your next shower?

If you are more of traditionalist, how about a wall mount shower head? Fancy gadgets and myriads of options don’t appeal to you; just a sturdy, steady flow of water at the right temperature.

The more adventurous types may prefer their next shower to have body spray heads that are mounted at various heights, spray in multiple directions and give you a body massage. Like the spa!

Hand held shower heads are popular as well. One can sit on a shower seat and spray all over with these. Glass shower, soaking tub

Whatever you prefer, there is sure to be just the right shower head (or heads?) out there for you. Rose Construction Inc. can help you with achieving the perfect shower system for you and your family.