Is proper light fixtures what you think of when planning a remodel for your bathroom? You should! The bathroom is the first place people go after waking up in the morning, and it can set the mood for the day. The bathroom is where you wash and groom, and people take their morning medications there – all strong cases for optimized lighting and daylighting.

Another reason is that light, particularly daylight, is what sets our circadian rhythms, which play an important part in overall health.

The amount of light needed varies from person to person, which is a good reason to have variable lighting available. Brighter light at the sink, for shaving or putting on makeup, and a lower level of light for just waking up and shuffling in to the water closet.

Natural light is desirable, so a window or skylight are great options. Lighted mirrors can provide that extra brightness needed for detail work, and overall lighting can be designed with adjustable light levels. bath, lighted mirror

Good moisture-proof lights over the shower are a safety measure, besides improving ones mood while using the shower.

What would work best for your family? We can help with decisions and ideas, give us a call when you are ready!