Whatcom County residents are gearing up for the traditional 4th of July BBQ and the opening of the summer BBQ season. With the great weather that comes this time of year, decks are the way to go for summer parties. Dress up your deck by adding potted plants, or flowers planted along the edges, pillows, flags, furniture and other accessories in red, white and blue for the 4th.

If you are not happy with your deck right now, plan on having it repaired or replaced this summer. With all the rain we get in Whatcom County, our decks need lots of care! Decks that are high off the ground need special attention, as they can be especially hazardous if boards become rotten, or railings loose. Assume that not everyone who walks out on your deck will be careful – there are children and adults who for whatever reason may not be paying attention!

If reducing maintenance is a priority for you, consider replacing a traditional wood deck with one of the low-maintenance composites available now. Trex, Azek, Timbertech are some of the manufacturers. They make a variety of colors and textured boards that mimic wood, and while they cost a little bit more to purchase than some wood species, they save a great deal in yearly maintenance. They do however, still need to be swept and washed; frequency depending on location. Deck with hot tub, railing and steps