There are some clever ways to add storage to a kitchen, and what methods are used to improve your kitchens’ storage capacity depends on several things:

  1. Can a wall be removed to expand the kitchen? The kitchen can be expanded into a dining room or living room space.
  2. Built in pull-outs are excellent ways to add storage. Think about it; a tall, narrow cabinet that is the same height as the wall can be built on rollers that allow the cabinet to be pulled out making access the multiple shelves easily accessible.
  3. Kitchen islands make great storage spaces. Shelves can be built on them, and cabinets or pull outs built in them.
  4. Be sure that all the space, right up to the ceiling is utilized for the upper cabinets. You can store things that are not used frequently on the highest shelves.
  5. Some lower cabinets are so difficult to access their dark recesses, that they are not used to their fullest capability. Have your contractor build in pull out shelves, you will love the suddenly usable space!

What can be done varies, depending on your budget and the configuration of your kitchen and adjacent spaces. Check with your contractor to see what will work for your home! We love to come up with solutions!

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