The traditional tub/ shower combination is as old as the indoor bathroom (well, almost!). Certainly none of us remembers a time before every home had one.

But that is changing; more homeowners are having the tub/ shower combo pulled out and replaced with a luxurious shower. Especially is this true for homes with more than one full bathroom.

For those homes with only one bathroom, or a small master bath and perhaps a powder room, removing the tub will mean, well, no tub. Before making this decision, ask yourself; do you ever use the tub, or are all your needs met with the shower?

There really is no need to worry about whether someday, a future owner may want that tub; you should have what works for you. It is not unusual for a purchaser of an existing home to remodel the bathroom and kitchen anyway, so have what you love in your bathroom, and let the future homeowners install what they love!