Your house is driving you crazy; you are tired of living virtually “on top” of your stuff. You have to move too many stored items to find the ones you need.

If this sounds like your life, then it is time to move; or add on to that too small house! If you like where you live and like your house, other than it being too small, then adding on is the solution. Going up versus going horizontal means that you won’t sacrifice any of your landscaping; not to mention there may be code issues with required property set backs.

Research and select a contractor that you feel you can enjoy working with and trust. Go to NAHB (DyLon McClary is the owner of Rose Construction Inc) and BIAWC to get recommendations, as well as asking friends.

At Rose Construction, Inc, we have built additions, both ground floor and second floor styles for Whatcom County clients for 35 years. We can guide you through the process and provide you with the increased square footage that will take your home from just “acceptable”, to the home of your dreams!