Timeless, classic kitchen remodel in Bellingham

  1. If your cabinets are OK, consider having them resurfaced; a bright coat of paint (light colors work best), new cabinet doors, or even simply installing new hardware can have a significant impact.
  2. New countertops will make a tremendous impact on your kitchen’s appearance. Popular countertop materials are eco-friendly composites, granite, quartzite, stone, butcher block, solid surface and upscale-looking versions of laminate.
  3. Have a new stainless steel sink installed, and while that is being done, why not include a new faucet? Stainless steel looks great, is long-lasting and never goes out of style.
  4. New appliances will make food preparation much more pleasant and efficient.  Selecting mid-range, high-quality appliances in stainless steel will give your kitchen updated efficiency and style.
  5. Style you never get tired of: Generally speaking, when it comes to kitchen finishes, you might want to aim for classic or neutral colors and style. Classic styles will stand the test of time and won’t run the risk of becoming an eyesore in the future.