Too often, garages become disorganized dumping grounds for stuff you don’t use every day. Finding what you want can be a real chore, and just thinking about searching can be disheartening.

Remodeled garage doors

It doesn’t have to be that way! Attractive storage cabinets, shelving and appropriate hanging options for tools, gardening equipment and gadgets can make organizing a breeze.

High end improvements include floor inlays, personalized with a company, sports or school logo; heavy-duty chip flooring system, a simulated granite/terrazzo seamless finish that is durable yet aesthetically appealing; and designer garage doors. Heating can be added by those who use the space as a workshop in winter.

Just think how pleasant it will be to pull into your heated and well lit garage to unload those groceries; and finding your christmas decorations will take only seconds. Nice.

remodeled garage, storage system, specialized floor