kitchen exhaust hood

If your kitchen basically works for you, but too many of it’s features are worn out, you are a candidate for a facelift; if the kitchen drives you crazy because the lighting is bad, the layout has you repeatedly going in circles to get everything you need to cook dinner, and the cabinets are chipped, you may be ready for a full remodel.

A facelift can consist of refinishing the cabinets, perhaps with new hardware for a fresh look, a new faucet, and replacing light fixtures with more modern styles. If you are happy with your lower cabinets, you can have a new countertop built and installed. It is common to replace the sink if replacing a countertop – good excuse for a new sink!

A full remodel would include removing the cabinets and flooring. If the layout works for you, it is very cost effective to rebuild with appliances and sinks in their same locations. Re-doing electrical and plumbing outlets adds considerably to the cost, however if  your dream kitchen means moving them, then go for it!

open kitchen plan